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Hello - my name is Allen, your friendly resident AdPuppet. I'm afraid I've not years and years of experience like the big guys, but that doesn't mean I can't join in on the conversation!

I decided to walk the talk of new marketing and media starting with this blog. I'll be exploring social media as much as I can and contributing a fresh, transparent, learner's perspective on a regular basis.

I firmly believe that regardless of what point our careers are in and what strings are tugging on our proverbial limbs (be it by employers, family, friends, or anyone), we can always be open-minded learners of all that is good out there. So drop me a line - I'm available to any other AdPuppets out there who wish to discuss just about anything!

Please note: Everything posted on the AdPuppet blog is a strictly my personal opinion and does not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of my employer or its clients.